Understanding the Fundamentals of Coal Trading Class

What You’ll Learn in this Class

Course participants will learn the basics of coal trading:

  • the traded coal products,
  • the types of trading instruments (forward contracts, swaps, options, basis trades),
  • identifying and managing risk,
  • understanding forward curves, and
  • establishing a trading function in your organization.

There will not be a class in 2016, but some of the materials may be presented in a series of webinars. Portions of the class manual will also be available online. Look for additional details later this year.

The course includes these topics:

  • coal commodities and trading platforms,
  • hedging strategies for producers and generators,
  • swaps and physical indexation,
  • futures and options,
  • time, quality, and location spreads,
  • settlements process, and
  • credit and contract language.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation policy for the webinar will be announced when registration is open.

Class Registration

The registration process will be available online later this year. Look for an email to the entire membership.