Understanding the Fundamentals of Coal Trading Class

What You’ll Learn in the Training Materials

The training manual for this class, available only to CTA members, covers the basics of coal trading:

  • the traded coal products,
  • the types of trading instruments (forward contracts, swaps, options, basis trades),
  • identifying and managing risk,
  • understanding forward curves, and
  • establishing a trading function in your organization.

The Training Committee is in the process of making this training program a virtual experience. Topics covered include the following

  • coal commodities and trading platforms,
  • hedging strategies for producers and generators,
  • swaps and physical indexation,
  • futures and options,
  • time, quality, and location spreads,
  • settlements process, and
  • credit and contract language.

Accessing the Class Materials and Webinars

This material is available in the Members Only section of this website. Log in to access them.